Humor Me – No Brainers!

August 27, 2015 by tigermucha

Today I want to share a couple of  paraprosdokians  that are really “No Brainers!”

In filling out an application when it says, "In case of emergency, notify..." I answered "a doctor." ~ A paraprosdokian on

These were made using my Project Life App and a few other apps on my iPad.

You do not need a parachute to skydive.  You only need a parachute to skydive twice. ~ A paraprosdokain on

I have enjoyed making these for you this week.  I hope you enjoy them too!  If you use them, make sure you share a link.


Humor Me – Knowledge, Wisdom and Research

August 26, 2015 by tigermucha

Happy Wednesday!  I hope you are having a good week and I hope you are enjoying my week of  paraprosdokians that I am sharing with you.  Today I am sharing a little educational humor.

Knowledge is knowing a tomato is a fruit. Wisdom is not putting it in a fruit salad. - A paraprosdokian for you on

These were made using my Project Life App and a few other apps on my iPad.  I think these two really help explain the difference between some words and concepts that often get confused.

To steal ideas from one person is plagiarism. To steal from many is research. A paraprosdokian on

There.  Now is it clear as mud?  Enjoy!

Humor Me – How NOT to Win A Fight

August 25, 2015 by tigermucha

Hello! I have a couple more paraprosdokians to share with you today!  Did you remember that big word from yesterday’s post?  It’s a really long word for a figure of speech with an unexpected ending, and a lot of times it can be funny.  Today’s examples are ways to definitely NOT win a fight.

If I agreed with you, we'd both be wrong - A paraprosdokian on

These were mad using my Project Life App and a few other apps on my iPad.

I didn't say it was your fault, I said I was blaming you - A paraprodoskian on

I think they would be cute for “I am Sorry” cards.  They remind me of those funny cards you find in the back of the store, often with those pictures found from the sixties or seventies that no one can believe someone actually posed for or better yet even allowed to be taken.  You know the ones!

Anyway, I hope you enjoy these this week.  Happy Tuesday!

Humor Me – Age Humor

August 24, 2015 by tigermucha

This week I want to share some email humor with you – you know, that thing we all used to forward because it brought a smile to our face so we thought we would share with others kind of humor?  And these really are not LOL (that’s laugh out loud, not lots of love) funny, but they kind of catch you off guard and hit you as kind of an after thought kind of funny.  More along the lines of a dry sense of humor and not what you expected kind of thing.  And, they actually have a name – they are called paraprosdokians.

You are never too old to learn something stupid - A paraprosdokian on

I made these using my Project Life App and a few other apps on my iPad.  I think they would be great to print out and use for scrapbooks, card making or other crafty projects.

I'm supposed to respect my elders, but it's getting harder and harder for me to find one now - A paraprosdokian on

I hope they bring a smile to your face this week.  And by they way, forward this on if you think it’s funny!

Sunday Bliss – August 23rd

August 23, 2015 by tigermucha

Welcome to Sunday Bliss on

Star's Food Dish

This weekend we are dog sitting for our friends Monica and John.  They have an adorable little girl named Star.  And Star is pampered (as she should be) and I just had to share her food dish.  Monica goes gourmet for Star every day.  Isn’t it sweet?  She gets fresh salmon mixed with a little dog food surrounded by sweet potatoes and green beans.  And some days she has corn as well.  Isn’t this just the sweetest?  And Monica says she even has a preference as to what she eats first, which is why she arranges it the way she does.  We love sitting for Star and love her Momma, too, for taking such good care of her.

DGD – Digital Goodie Day – A is for Apple

August 20, 2015 by tigermucha

Is it just me or do kids go back to school earlier each year? When I was growing up, we never went until the Tuesday after Labor Day.  Now some kids here are starting at the beginning of August.  And then there are some kids that have year round school with extended breaks here and there.  Going back to school also reminds me of Fall.  Here in Virginia we are starting to see some leaves change and fall, but it is more due to drought than the actual change of seasons.  Summer is still going strong here, despite the falling brown leaves and big yellow school buses I see on my way to and from work.

A is for Apple Free Digital Goodie -Printable on

Today I am sharing a digital goodie for a vintage old sign that reminds me of school days and Fall.  Just click on the image above to take you to the full sized 300 ppi .png file.  This would make a neat card for a teacher.  Hope you enjoy it!

Are you ready for school to start again?

Things I Have Learned From Pinterest

August 17, 2015 by tigermucha

As you probably already know, I LOVE Pinterest!  Of all the social media out there, it is my ultimate favorite.  I love creating boards and pinning pins to inspire me and through the years that I have been on Pinterest, I have even learned a thing or two.

Things I Have Learned From Pinterest on

So today I want to share some of my favorite learnings with you.  Clicking on the image should take you to the source.  These are in no particular order, but they are all things I found on Pinterest that actually worked.

How to Pack

Like how to pack.  I mean, just these few simple tips have helped Keith and I so much.  Rolling clothing really is the way to go and I love some of the other tips, like keeping shoes in plastic bags so they don’t soil clothing – I mean, have you ever paid attention to where you shoes have been?  Really good tips and it is amazing how much space can be saved by rolling clothing, not to mention how much less wrinkled clothing gets.

Another packing tip I got was to take a picture of all the outfits you can make with the clothing that you pack.  I did this when I went on my Viking Cruise last year.  This helped me remember what options I had without rummaging through everything trying to figure out what to wear.  And, as a bonus, if I would have had issues with lost luggage, I would have a good inventory of what was in my suitcase.

How to Fold Shirts

And speaking of clothing, this image of how to fold t-shirts is spot on.  I did this first with Keith’s t-shirts and by doing so, I was able to free up a whole row of space in his drawers.  Then I did it with mine and did the same thing.  So shirts that I had stuffed in another closet (an unfolded and unruly mess) now fit in my drawer.  You really can see what you have by folding them this way.  And, it is easy to maintain.  Since changing over to this we have been able to keep our t-shirts organized and visible at a glance.  My next project is to do a similar fold with my jean and shorts drawers. The key is keeping them vertical so you can see what you have.

Follow Teresa Mucha’s board Ways To Tie and Wear Scarfs on Pinterest.

I have also learned lots of different ways to wear and tie scarfs through Pinterest.  My Mom and my friends have given me some beautiful scarfs over the years and I was always at a loss on how to wear them any other way than just wrapping it around my neck plain and simple.  But thanks to Pinterest, I now have lots of options for those pretty scarfs! Oh, and while we are on clothing, here is a favorite trick for boots – use paper towel tubes or cut down fun noodles to keep them standing straight and tall.  No more creases in the leather from them constantly flopping over.

How to Make Slipcovers

I learned how to make slipcovers from Miss Mustard Seed! Her video tutorials made it finally click in my head on the best way to piece together the pieces of fabric. For slipcovers, you don’t get the luxury of a pattern.  You have to make one yourself as you go along and this series really helped me understand all of that.  I even made my  own slipcover for Keith’s chair in the sitting room.

Using cake plates to organize bathroom items on

After we did a mini redo in our little bathroom I found a great tip for using old cake plates for storage in the bathroom.  The tip showed tiered metal cake plates, but I found this nice small antique glass one while junking with Keith’s cousin and sister in Pennsylvania and it was perfect for holding soap and lotion bottles.  I also used an old candy dish for Q-tips and cotton balls.  Elevating those items above the counter actually gives me much needed space for when I use my smoothing iron or hair dryer.  There is actually room on the counter now!

Bathroom Remodel Reveal on

Another thing I learned on Pinterest was that I can love baskets and bins for storage and organization.  I used to hate baskets but now I know how cute they can be while hiding toiletries and other bathroom supplies, like they do here on my shelf above my bathroom door.  It all started when I used bins to organize my tiny linen closet.  It went from a constant state of disarray to instant order and I have been able to maintain it for over 2 years now.  For me, that is a miracle!  I also use wire bins to organize magazines, throws, you name it.


Do you know how to fold a fitted sheet?  Well, if you don’t, all you need to do is watch this quick little video and you too can fold sheets like a pro.  I love how this works, my sheets now do not take up half of the linen closet.  Want to know another trick I learned?  When you have your set of sheets all folded, tuck them into one of the pillowcases. This keeps them all together and when you need a new set everything will be together in one place.  Plus for me, they tuck neatly into my bins and are so easy to grab when I need to change my bed linens.

How to Boil Eggs in the Oven

I also learned a few tricks in the kitchen, too.  Like the best way to make a large batch of hard boiled eggs is in the oven, not in a pan on top of the stove.  Who knew?  And who knew that adding a marshmallow to your brown sugar helps keep it soft?  Or that freezing hamburger in plastic bags flat (use a rolling pin to flatten inside your baggie) will help it store better in the freezer and thaw quicker when you need to use it?  Keith loves that tip.

Use an old pillowcase to clean your ceiling fan blades!  No more dust bunnies flying everywhere!

And everyone knows how I hate to clean.  Well, this is one of the first cleaning tips I found on Pinterest.  Usually when I would clean the blades on our ceiling fans there would be dust bunnies everywhere and I would sneeze for hours afterwards.  Not anymore!  Thanks for making this chore a little easier!

Hydrogen Peroxide Uses

I am sure most of you have heard about the benefits of using vinegar to clean with, but did you know about Hydrogen Peroxide?  Not only is it great at getting blood and other stains out of clothing, but it can also whiten whites.  And it has many health benefits, too.

How to Clean Silver

I have also found several ways to clean silver easily, without using  a ton of elbow grease.  There is this way from On Sutton Place and another way that I used that is similar, you add baking soda instead of salt.  It seems that vinegar, salt, baking soda and a few other common items clean things a lot better than some expensive chemical versions and are easier, too.  I now use vinegar instead of fabric softener (it is wonderful for towels) and I even used vinegar and hot water to clean my carpets with my carpet steamer and it did just as well as that pricy brand name solution, without the chemicals and funky smell.

All in all, I really am amazed at the wealth of information I have found on Pinterest that has made my life easier.  And I keep finding more and more each day.  I am thankful for all those that share their “secrets” and knowledge with the rest of us so we can benefit, too.  And I continue that process by sharing some of my favorite things I have learned with you today.  You can find more ideas on many of my Pinterest boards.

What are some of the things you have learned from Pinterest?

Sunday Bliss – August 16th

August 16, 2015 by tigermucha

Welcome to Sunday Bliss on

I know this is supposed to be for photos that are favorites each week, but this week I want to share this Instagram video with you.  Dixie and Pixie are enjoying some catnip on their Caturday.  They love their catnip.

Humor Me – More Math Humor

August 13, 2015 by tigermucha

I know, I know.  If it involves math, how could it be funny?  I found this a while back on Pinterest and it made me chuckle, so I thought I would share here.

Math Humor 2

I don’t know where this came from originally.  And right about now most of you are thinking, it’s over 90 degrees outside right now, is she crazy?  Well, sooner than not it will be colder than you know what and you will think back to this silly math humor and thank me.

Follow Teresa Mucha’s board Humor Me on Pinterest.

You can find more things that I find funny on my Humor Me Pinterest Board.  Happy Thursday, everyone!

Sunday Bliss – August 9th

August 9, 2015 by tigermucha

Welcome to Sunday Bliss on

Heads-or-Tails - It's a Monarch Butterfly Caerpillar on the Fennel

You have to look close to see which end is up on this Monarch Butterfly Caterpillar that I spotted on the fennel this week.  The head is actually facing down.  He was making his way down the plant when I found him.

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