Digital Goodie Day – Vintage Patriotic Banner

June 29, 2015 by tigermucha

Hi and Happy Monday!  Can you believe the Fourth will be this weekend?  Where has summer gone already?  Today I want to share a quick and easy little Vintage Patriotic Banner with you, just in time for the upcoming holiday!


I made this using some free images from The Graphics Fairy.  And a few items that I had around the house which also makes it very inexpensive, too!  And you know that I love Buntings and Banners, so being able to make them quickly, easily and inexpensively is a must.

Digital Goodie Day - Free Vintage Printable Banner on

First I printed out the sheet that I made with my vintage images.  I made them approximately 2 by 3 inches to fit the little tags that I had on hand.  I pick these tags up at Michaels in their value section by  the checkouts.  They almost always have cute little packs of tags that work perfectly for making these quick little banners.  And I always have ribbon on hand, so I just picked some that I thought worked best with what I had in mind.Free Digital Goodie - Vintage Patriotic Banner Images and how to make them into a cute little banner on

If you click on the image above, it will take you to the full size .png file.  You can print it out on a regular sheet of letter size paper.

Digital Goodie Day - Free Vintage Printable Banner on

The first thing I did was cut out the images.  And for this project, I wanted the corners rounded, so I used one of my corner rounder punches to round the corners of each of the ten little images.  Then I adhered them to each of my tags.

Digital Goodie Day - Free Vintage Printable Banner on

Next I played around with the order I wanted them in for my banner.  There is no right or wrong, just play until you get something you like.  My pack of tags came with a black and white piece of string, which I decided to use.  I could have used another piece of ribbon or some twine, but I was using the black and white images so I wanted to keep the black and white string.

Digital Goodie Day - Free Vintage Printable Banner on

Next I needed to decide how I was going to attach them.  I had a piece of red and white check ribbon that would work for most of the tags and I also had some red satin ribbon.  I decided to use the check ribbon for eight of the tags and the satin ribbon for the other two.  I would space them out on the banner.  I cut my ribbon into sections, each about 7-8 inches long.  I just eyeballed it.  You can get real specific and measure out exactly, it just depends on what kind of look you want.

Digital Goodie Day - Free Vintage Printable Banner on

I attached these the same way I did on my Super Easy Autumn Bunting, by pulling the ribbon through the holes on the tags while securing around the base string.

Digital Goodie Day - Free Vintage Printable Banner on

Once it is pulled through, I tie it in a knot.  Doing it this way also allows you to slide the tags along the ribbon if you find your spacing is a little off.

Digital Goodie Day - Free Vintage Printable Banner on

Speaking of spacing – again, I kind of eyeballed it  and just spaced them about 5-6 inches apart on my base string.  How you space will depend on how long your base string is and how far apart you want them to be.

Digital Goodie Day - Free Vintage Printable Banner on

I tied my little checked ribbon into bows. For my satin ribbon I just tied it in a knot and made sure that I clipped the edges at an angle.

Digital Goodie Day - Free Vintage Printable Banner on

So there you have it.

Digital Goodie Day - Free Vintage Printable Banner on

Pretty easy and quick.

Digital Goodie Day - Free Vintage Printable Banner on

A simple, quick little banner with a very vintage feel.  I made it to look like old images clipped from a book or newspaper.  I saw some decorations similar to this in Colonial Williamsburg last Christmas and wanted to try it at home.

Digital Goodie Day - Free Vintage Printable Banner on

They turned out the way I had hoped.

Digital Goodie Day - Free Vintage Printable Banner on

I also thought about attaching them to a wreath, but the banner idea won out.

Digital Goodie Day - Free Vintage Printable Banner on

And I like the way the different ribbons turned out, too.

Digital Goodie Day - Free Vintage Printable Banner on

Digital Goodie Day - Free Vintage Printable Banner on

Digital Goodie Day - Free Vintage Printable Banner on

I hope you enjoy this Digital Goodie and if you use them, post a link in the comments below. I would love to see what you come up with! And Happy 4th of July!



Sunday Bliss – June 28th

June 28, 2015 by tigermucha

Welcome to Sunday Bliss on

Pixie is a fan of mochas, especially the whipped cream.

I don’t drink mochas much anymore but when I do, I have to guard them from Pixie.  She loves the whipped cream!

Super Easy Seashell Art

June 27, 2015 by tigermucha

A few weeks ago we were in the Outer Banks.  And one thing we like to do while we are at the beach is create a craft project, usually with seashells, so we have a memento of our trip.  In the past we have made vases, framed art and decorations and we have used them to decorate our bathroom.  Well, this year was not any different, except we had a hard time finding seashells.  Luckily we found enough to do one small project, so we made a decorated platter.

Super Easy Seashell Art - Decorated Platter on

We even found the platter at a thrift store on the Outer Banks, so even that part of the project is a fun memory.  Adding the shells is easy, we just added some tile grout to the plate and caked it on in about a 1/4 inch layer.  You can see how we did that in the post about the vases we made a few years ago.

Seashell mosaic platter on

Then we just added the shells and gently pressed them into the grout.  We used a nice piece of driftwood for the center and kept filling in random shells until we were done.  The next step is to take some sand from the beach and sprinkle it over the grout so that it hides the whiteness and makes it look like the shells are on a beach.  Let your project set up for a few hours and then shake off any excess sand.

Super Easy Seashell Art Plater on

We let ours continue to dry for several days while we were at the beach.  When we brought it home I sprayed it with a few light coats of clear coat to hold the sand on and make the shells a little shiny.  You can also use a matte spray if you don’t want any shine.  Then I spray painted a gold plate hanger in a matte nickel finish to match the others in our bathroom and we hung it above the collection of Shark’s Teeth from Surfside Beach, SC.

Seashell Platter - a great vacation memento to craft with shells found on the beach on

So we may not have found many shells this trip, but we have a nice memento of our stay in the Outer Banks, platter and all.

Seashell decor in the bathroom - made from shells collected on vacations to the beach on

It goes with our Shark’s Teeth from Surfside Beach and the shell adorned baskets that use shells from Ocean Isle Beach, NC.  It’s a fun way for us to remember our mornings spent walking the beaches and looking for shells and other treasures from the ocean.

How do you display vacation mementos?


Up, Up and Away

June 26, 2015 by tigermucha

I have been at it again, I made some new jewelry pieces, including this fun necklace made with a costume jewelry rhinestone pin that I found last month at an Estate Sale.

3683n - Up, Up and Away Necklace on

The brooch is a little hot air balloon and I fell in love with it when I saw it.

3683n - Up, Up and Away Necklace on

I knew it would be perfect as a pendant on a necklace with kind of Bohemian or Steam Punk vibe going.

3683n - Up, Up and Away Necklace on

3683n - Up, Up and Away Necklace on

I partnered it with some dyed Imperial Jasper, polished shell and copper Freshwater Pearls and threw in a few Czech Glass Crystals here and there.

3683n - Up, Up and Away Necklace on

And it’s made to look like a triple strand necklace in the front.

3683n - Up, Up and Away Necklace on

It features a Bali Silver Toggle Clasp.

3683n - Up, Up and Away Necklace on

And the turquoise color of the dyed Jasper gives it a Southwestern look, too.  It was a fun piece to create.

3683e Dyed Imperial Jasper, Copper Freshwater Pearl and Czech Glass Dangly Earrings on

And I did make some dangly earrings to go with.  They feature silver plate earwires and the Copper Freshwater Pearls, dyed Imperial Jasper Roundels, Czech Glass Crystals and polished Shell beads.

3683e Dyed Imperial Jasper, Copper Freshwater Pearl and Czech Glass Dangly Earrings on

A very fun set indeed.  Ready to take you up and away to your next adventure.


Las Vegas Through Keith’s Lens

June 22, 2015 by tigermucha

Two weeks ago we traveled to Las Vegas for a family reunion with Keith’s family.  It was a short visit and it had been about 12 years since we were last in Vegas for a family reunion.

Mandalay Bay at dawn

The first night we arrived we were up until about 1 am our time – don’t you just love a three hour time difference?  Part of our group came in when we did and the rest was coming in the next day.


The Strip at dawn

Keith being the early riser that he is got up early and went for a walk along the strip and took the camera with him.

Mandalay Bay and the Sphinx at the Luxor

He was able to get some great pictures of the end of The Strip where we were staying as the sun was coming up.

Mandalay Bay and Luxor

And, that is a great time to take pictures, because at 5 am Vegas time, there really isn’t anyone on The Strip.  During the day and at night, the street is packed with cars and people.

Pyramid at the Luxor

Our first night there we actually stayed at Luxor.  And we had one of the rooms in the pyramid, where the elevators are in the corners and go up and down at an angle, which is kind a strange feeling.

Mandalay Bay as the sun rises in Vegas

The sun turned everything gold as it came up.

New York, New York

I love how in Las Vegas you can visit so many parts of the world in one spot.  Right down the street from the Pyramids of Luxor stands The Statue of Liberty at New York, New York.

The Strip at dawn in Las Vegas

But you have to go by King Arthur’s Excalibur to get there.

The Statue of Liberty at New York, New York

And there is even a Cony Island Roller Coaster behind her.

New York, New York

And parts of the New York City Skyline.

New York, New York

After our first night at Luxor, we moved to the MGM, where the view from our room was of Lady Liberty and the roller coaster.  And it goes non stop throughout the day.  But at 5 am, all is quiet on  The Strip.

New York, New York in Las Vegas

Keith’s cousin Gary and I have ridden that roller coaster many times in the past.  We didn’t make it this trip but that is ok.  I have a feeling my body might react differently now than it did a dozen years ago.

Manhatten skyline of New York, New York in Las Vegas

The Manhattan Skyline sure looked pretty with the sun rising that morning.

MGM Lion

The MGM has it’s famous Lions on it’s property.

The Strip at dawn in Las Vegas

Further down The Strip you can see the Eiffel Tower at the Paris casino and signs for Treasure Island, Planet Hollywood, The Mirage and Bally’s.

New York, New York

And here you can see behind the Statue of Liberty some of the newer casinos, such as the Cosmopolitan and the Mandarin Oriental.  At least they are new to us on our trip this time.

Excalibur Las Vegas

And the very first time we ever came to Vegas we stayed here at the Excalibur.


It still looks pretty good considering how long it’s been around.  And in a town like Las Vegas, everything has to be the newest and the greatest.  Hotels and Casinos are constantly torn down and new ones built as people long for the next great place to come and gamble.

In N Out Las Vegas

And if you ask me, I think this is probably Keith’s favorite picture that he took that morning.  The sun illuminating his favorite place to eat burgers – In-N-Out.  So close but yet so far.  It’s a just a cab ride away from The Strip.  I am glad he took the camera with him that morning.  I think he took some great pictures of Vegas without all the lights and people and traffic.  Vegas when it is quiet, Vegas when it is still sleeping after a long night of partying.

Sunday Bliss – June 21st

June 21, 2015 by tigermucha

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This week I have two pictures to share.  We came back from Vegas and I immediately got sick.  And it turned into pneumonia.  So this week while I was home recovering, I had two wonderful cuddlers: Pixie and Dixie.  They are wonderful at helping anyone feel better.

Bad Salzig

June 17, 2015 by tigermucha

While traveling down the Rhine as part of my Viking River Cruise last year, we spent a day in the Upper Middle Rhine Valley, an Unesco World Heritage site.  There were lots of Castles along this stretch of the Rhine and lots of cute little towns. It seems there were towns around every bend of the Rhine, like this little village of Bad Salzig.

Bad Salzig 01

And if you look at the Google Image below, you can see what I mean about towns around every bend.


I recently told you about Kamp Bornhofen and The Hostile Brothers.  We could actually see Bad Salzig from Kamp Bornhofen.

Kamp Bornhofen View

The towns seem to go from one side to the other on the banks of the Rhine and you can usually see the next village down the line from the current village.

Bad Salzig 02

Bad Salzig is known for their cherries in the spring and their famous mineral baths.

Bad Salzig 03

It is another cute little village on our afternoon of sailing.

Bad Salzig 04

And soon we were on our way, moving on to the next little town or castle.  But, we noticed something on the hills of the gorge.

Goats 01

High up on the hills were little white specks.

Goats 02

They were goats.  And they evidently were being raised on the steep banks of the Rhine.  So, not only is this area known for wines and fruits, but goats and cheeses, too.  What a fun afternoon of sailing so far.  Stay tuned, there are more castles to see as we head to Rudesheim.


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This is my experience from my trip with Viking River Cruises. 

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The Hostile Brothers

June 15, 2015 by tigermucha

On my last post about my Viking River Cruise I promised to tell you more about the Hostile Brothers and their two castles in Kamp Bornhofen.


There are a couple of stories about these two castles, built closer together than any other two castles on the Rhine.  They all have to do with family feuding.  There is even a large stone wall, called the Streitmauer, that separates the two.


One story tells of two sons of a Count.  The first was von Sterrenberg and the second was von Liebenstein.  The castle on the left above is Burg Sterrenberg and the castle on the right is Burg Liebenstein.


The two brothers were so greedy that they decided to cheat their blind sister out of her inheritance.  They devised a way to make her believe she was getting an equal share when in reality she was only receiving a small portion of what she was due.


She used her inheritance to build the monastery in Kamp Bornhofen.  As for the brothers, their greed brought them nothing but trouble and they ended up building the wall that separates the two castles.  After they had wasted all of their money, they decided to try and reconcile, but one accidentally shot the other with an arrow, thus adding more misfortune to their sad story.


My favorite is this story, about a knight called Werner of Sterrenberg.  He had two sons, Henry the elder and Konrad the younger.  Werner favorited Henry, due to the fact that while giving birth to Konrad, Werner’s wife died and he never got over her loss.


Some time later, a young noble named Angela was brought to live in Castle Sterrenberg with the three men.  As they all grew older, Konrad became smitten with Angela and began to court her.  Werner of course wanted the eldest Henry to court her, although Henry was too timid to do so on his own.  Soon things became heated with Konrad threatening Henry and Angela was put in the middle of it all.


About this time a ship arrived along the Rhine and the master was seeking young men to go on a crusade.  Werner forbade Henry to go but allowed Konrad to go without a second thought.  Konrad met with Angela before leaving and asked her if she would wait for him to return, to which she agreed.


Konrad left for the crusade and Werner again encouraged Henry to court Angela.  She resisted, saying she was waiting for Konrad’s return.  Werner finally accepted the fact that Angela’s true love was Konrad, and he had a second castle built for the young couple in love.


And it came to pass that Konrad finally did return, however he returned with an exotic maiden at his side.  She was a dark haired lady from Greece that had saved his life and he married her out of respect of her saving grace.


Konrad never dreamed that Angela would have kept her word and waited for him all these years.


When Konrad arrived he also noticed a black flag flying above Burg Sterrenberg so he knew that his father had passed and that Angela and his brother Henry must be married by now.


When Konrad stepped onto the drawbridge of his father’s castle, he immediately took out his sword as a form of respect to honor his father.  His brother Henry misunderstood his intention and took his sword out to attack his brother. Henry was jealous of Konrad’s travels, his new bride and all the years of courting Angela only to fail at winning her affections.


Angela, who had been waiting for Konrad’s return was overcome with grief at the site of Konrad’s new bride, the brothers fighting and went to intervene, where she was almost killed in the melee that ensued.


Finally all realized the mistake and the two brothers put away their swords.


Together, alone they went with their father’s body to his final resting spot.


They then each returned to their respective castles.


Henry to Burg Sterrenberg and Konrad to Burg Liebenstein.


As for Angela, she became a nun at the Monastery in Kamp Bornhofen below the two Hostile Brothers, where she eventually died.


And Konrad built the famous Quarrel Wall to keep the brothers from killing themselves.

Today the castles house hotels and restaurants and afford outstanding views of the Rhine below.  If only their walls could talk and tell the true tale of the reason for two castles so closely built on the Rhine.


This is not a sponsored post.  
This is my experience from my trip with Viking River Cruises. 

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Sunday Bliss – June 14th

June 14, 2015 by tigermucha

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Mucha Family Reunion in Las Vegas 2015

We were fortunate to spend time with the West Coast part of the Mucha family this week in Las Vegas.  Here are Keith and his parents, Ruth and Al, his brother Mike and his wife Vicki, their son Kevin and his sister Janice.  It was a fun time getting to see everyone.

Kamp Bornhofen

June 13, 2015 by tigermucha

My last post about my Viking River Cruise showed you Liebeneck Castle as we continued down the Rhine on our journey through the Unesco World Heritage Site of the Upper Middle Rhine Valley. The next little village or community that we came upon was Kamp Bornhofen.


Kamp Bornhofen is a little town that has been around for well over a thousand years and was once noted for its wines.  But them came the great wine blight, caused by the phylloxera, a pest of commercial grapevines worldwide.


But because of their temperate climate, they were able to switch to cherries and other fruits.  They also have a monastery located here where annual pilgrimages have been made.


There are of course many interesting buildings and churches along the banks.


This is the Catholic St. Nicholas Church.  It dates to the early 1900’s and is a relative newcomer to the community, so to speak.


It is so pretty against the green cliffs of the gorge.


The brown steeple above is all that is left of a fifteenth century church and is now part of a hotel our Viking guide told us about.  Notice that this village also has half timber houses, too.


There is a lovely park and beach area, too.


I love this house.  It was so colorful compared to the rest and really stood out.


And here is the town name along the river bank wall. I am so glad that they did this.  And look at the half timber houses and the ship’s mast.  Remember the village of Spay?  They had a ship’s mast, too.


Such a pretty church.  I love the white and gray trim.


This church is the Bornhofen Monastery, or Pilgrimage Church.  The original church dates to the 1600’s and has been rebuilt and reconstructed.  And you can see the two Hostile Brothers Castles up behind the church. I will tell you about them in my next post about this trip.


There are hotels and restaurants along the river banks.


It looks like such a nice place to come for a vacation.


There were several docks along the banks.  There are towns on both sides of the Rhine and there are many ferries that allow you to go from one side to the other via car.


The castles above the town are part of a neat old story.


There is a trail in Kamp Bornhofen you can take to visit the castles.


They really are not far apart.  The story behind the two is romantic and sad and may not even be true.


But isn’t that how legends start?  Or Fairy Tales?  Remember, these are castles, you know.  There were kings and queens, princes and princesses.


But more about that in the next post.


This is not a sponsored post.  
This is my experience from my trip with Viking River Cruises. 

Email me to find out how you can save $100 when you book your
first cruise with Viking through their referral program.
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