Little Girls and Water Gardens

July 22, 2014 by tigermucha

On Saturday I told you that we made Strawberry Jam with Caroline and Ella at my friend June’s house.  While we were canning our jam, their sister Morgan was outside playing in June’s garden with their dad, Mike.


You see, June has a wonderful backyard garden, full of flowers and ponds.  Just a magical place for girls to play.


So, while we were waiting for our jam to cool down, we all decided to head out and see what Morgan and Mike had been up to.


I think Denise was checking to see if Morgan had any change in her pockets.  If she did, we were gonna make some wishes in the ponds.


But Morgan soon escaped and was on the run constantly. She usually is.


Caroline and Aunt Junie were having a discussion on this side of the garden.


And we spent time going through all of Aunt Junie’s flowers, like this beautiful daylily.


And this lovely purple morning glory.  These are great for children.  It is fun to watch them sniff and have the flower collapse around their nose.


And June’s roses were loaded with bees, like this busy bumble bee.


And the honey bee on this peach rose.


He went way down inside.


Here is another of June’s many roses.  Such a beautiful old fashioned, wonderful smelling rose.


And in the middle of the roses is a huge batch of Joe Pye Weed, which was just coming out.  Soon it will be covered in butterflies.


The ants were doing their job to help pollinate the disco belle hibiscus.  I love these for their huge, delicate flowers.


Behind the hibiscus were these lovely cream colored gladiolas.


They were showing off.


And the first sunflower was blooming.  Every garden needs sunflowers.


But soon the girls wanted to play in the pond.  Since Morgan had already fed the fish, they asked Aunt Junie what they could do.


And it was decided that they would cut some flowers for Mommie.


Morgan even came to help.


She was getting the hang of cutting flowers.  Soon, there would be no stopping her.


So, Mommie had a small bouquet going when all of the sudden, the plan changed.  And this was when I knew that their Grandmother, Betty was there.


Morgan stated adding flowers to the pond.


Black Eyed Susans, Daisies and anything she could get her hands on.Morgan-Arranging-Flowers

She would carefully place each one.


And only one at a time.


Then Caroline came to help.


And she would place one and then run to get another.


She was also very thoughtful on where she placed her flowers.


She would even change their places after she placed them.


Then Ella had to come help.


It was like a puzzle.


Each one had to be in the perfect spot.


Denise came over to admire their work.


They even helped each other out with the placement of their flowers.


Here Ella is admiring the flowers in the pond.  This is definitely something that Betty would have had a hand in if she were here.  The girls had such fun doing this and this made them smile and giggle all the time while they were creating a work of art.


Oh, it turned out so pretty.


I just love their creativity.


They even tried to see if the flowers would go down the “falls” from the upper pond to the lower pond.


But it was already full of beautiful aquatic plants and flowers.


These were a wonderful lilac shade.  Unfortunately I accidentally had a tinted filter set on my phone camera and that is why all of the pictures kind of have that vintage vibe going.


They turned out kind of neat, in a way.


As we were finishing up our art in the pond, I caught Caroline on the bench and asked her to pose.  This is her pose.  What  a little cutie!  Not sure where she got this from, but we laughed and laughed.  These girls are so much fun to be around.  We had such a good time, making jam, making art and playing in Aunt Junie’s garden.







52 Lists – Things I Can See Right Now

July 20, 2014 by tigermucha

52 Lists in 52 Weeks on

Things I Can See Right Now

  • A wren waiting in the dogwood to get onto the bird feeder outside my craft room door
  • A downy woodpecker and a brown thrasher on the bird feeder
  • Dixie on her cat perch watching the birds on the feeder and in the tree
  • A wrought iron fence
  • My garden
  • Computers and equipment (laptop, ipad, printer, neat scanner, digital scanner, hard drives)
  • Books
  • Magazines
  • Baskets and boxes full of craft supplies
  • An old oak cabinet full of more craft supplies
  • Plastic totes full of jewelry making supplies
  • Spools of ribbon
  • A cat litter box

Click here to see a list of all of my lists.

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Making Strawberry Jam

July 19, 2014 by tigermucha

Today my friend June and I decided to whip up some Strawberry Freezer Jam.  And, we were joined by her nieces Caroline and Ella.

Caroline-Ella-DeniseOf course, their Mom Denise also helped.


June is the best Aunt.  Caroline and Ella even have their own little aprons.


Mashing the strawberries was hard work for Ella.

Caroline-MashingCaroline thought so too!


Until Ella figured out that it was much more fun to mash them by hand.


Then both of them started mashing them by hand.  And it was a lot of fun!


And Caroline was later in charge of putting the lids on our jam.  Which turned out great.  And we had a great time making it.  The girls love spending time with their Aunt Junie.  And they mean the world to her.  I am so glad they were there to help today, it made it go a lot faster and we all wished we had more strawberries when we were done.  It is so much fun teaching children new things, especially when they really enjoy learning!  Today was a wonderful day.

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    On Saturday I told you that we made Strawberry Jam with Caroline and Ella at my friend June's house.  While we were canning our jam, their sister Morgan was outside playing in June's garden with their dad, Mike. You see, June has a wonderful backyard garden, full of flowers and ponds.  Just a magical place…
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DGD – Digital Goodie Day – Pretty Kitty Millinery

July 18, 2014 by tigermucha

Happy Friday!  I hope you enjoy this adorable little card made with a vintage cat scrap.  It is the perfect size for Project Life Scrapbooking or Crafting!  And I love her beautiful hat!

Pretty Kitty Millinery Digital Goodie - Free Printable on

Just click on the image to view the full size png file.

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It’s A Cat Summer

July 16, 2014 by tigermucha

If you are a fan of cute, you need to watch this.  Featuring famous social media cats, Friskies will donate meals for views of this video on You Tube. Great way to help shelter cats in need. Pixie and Dixie give it two paws up!


Blackberry Lily

July 13, 2014 by tigermucha


Blackberry Lily. Iris Domestica. Leopard Lily. Leopard Flower. All names for the same flower.

I know it by blackberry lily. The seeds look like blackberries. The plant resembles an iris.

These were a gift from my friend June.

Blooming in the garden now.

Happy Monday!

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    Sold this one today!  We have loads of fat little bumblebees every summer in our yard, happily pollinating our flowers and sleeping in our phlox.  I love watching them from behind the camera lens. Tweet Follow @TeresaAMucha
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52 Lists – Pets I Have Had

July 13, 2014 by tigermucha

52 Lists in 52 Weeks on

Pets I Have Had

  • The first pet I remember is a calico kitty that had kittens
  • I remember a dog named Brownie and a Dalmatian
  • I remember a cat named Blackie
  • I think we may have had gerbils or hamsters – I know my sister Becky had a Guinea Pig at one point
  • We had a white cat named Misty
  • Mandy, our poodle
  • After Keith and I got married we had fish – living in apartments, that is pretty much the limit on easy pets
  • Then our first cat Tiger, the first of Our Three Little Kittens
  • His brother Shadow
  • Their sister Stormie
  • And now Pixie and Dixie

Click here to see a list of all of my lists.

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Super Easy Raspberry Crisp

July 12, 2014 by tigermucha


Super Easy Raspberry Crisp Recipe on

This morning Keith and I got up early and headed down to the main road behind our neighborhood to pick raspberries.  The bushes there were loaded and we hoped to get enough to make a treat.  And we succeeded!  They were hard to reach, but we managed to pick around 3 cups.  Which was perfect for making a fresh Raspberry Crisp!

Here is what you need:

3-4 cups fresh or frozen raspberries
1/3 cup sugar
1/3 cup plus 3 Tablespoons all purpose flour
1/2 cup quick cooking oats
1/3 cup firmly packed brown sugar
1/4 cup salted butter, cubed

Super Easy Raspberry Crisp Recipe on

First I washed and drained the raspberries.  And had a few to sample, boy were they sweet!  You can also use frozen berries, but fresh is always best!

Super Easy Raspberry Crisp Recipe on

As you can see, there are not a lot of ingredients.  Just berries, sugar, butter, flour, oats and brown sugar.  And you can use blackberries if you don’t have raspberries.

Super Easy Raspberry Crisp Recipe on

Add the sugar to the raspberries.

Super Easy Raspberry Crisp Recipe on

Then add the flour.

Super Easy Raspberry Crisp Recipe on

Gently toss the berries to coat.  Try to ensure all of the flour and sugar is mixed and all of the berries are coated.

Super Easy Raspberry Crisp Recipe on

Place the berry mixture into a greased baking pan.  I used a 10″ x 7″ pan, but you could also use an 8″ x 8″ pan.

Super Easy Raspberry Crisp Recipe on

Gently mix the cubed butter (I let it set out about 15 minutes so it was starting to soften) with the oats and brown sugar.

Super Easy Raspberry Crisp Recipe on

I use a fork so that I can get a good crumbly mixture.

Super Easy Raspberry Crisp Recipe on

Layer that over the berry mixture.  Try to make sure all of the berries are covered.  Then, bake in a preheated 350 degree oven for 30 minutes, or until crispy brown on top.

Super Easy Raspberry Crisp Recipe on

This is best when served warm from the oven with a big scoop of ice cream!

Super Easy Raspberry Crisp Recipe on

Oh, it is so delicious!

Super Easy Raspberry Crisp Recipe on

Even without ice cream!

Super Easy Raspberry Crisp Recipe on

I love fruit crisps!

Super Easy Raspberry Crisp Recipe on

They are so easy to make, and usually I have all the ingredients on hand, so when I get fresh berries I can whip one up in a jiffy.

Super Easy Raspberry Crisp Recipe on

Yum!  Delicious!

Super Easy Raspberry Crisp Recipe on




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A Country Drive to Paint Bank

July 10, 2014 by tigermucha

Remember last fall when I told you about my Drive in the Country with my Mom?  We took a day trip through Botetourt County, Virginia to find some cows to photograph and ended up having a great day in the country.  Well, this past Memorial Day she came to visit and we took another Country Drive to Paint Bank, Virginia.

Virginia Scenic Drive from Roanoke to Paint Bank on

Paint Bank is an unincorporated community in Craig County, Virginia.  From Roanoke, it is about 40 miles or so, but the way you get there takes you over several mountains, so it makes a great day trip. And the reason we headed there was so Mom could photograph some Buffalo.

Craig County, Virginia Country Road

There are a couple of Buffalo farms there, so once we got there we turned off Route 311 onto Route 18, which takes you to West Virginia.  In fact, we actually ended up slightly over the state line before heading back.

Buffalo at the edge of  a field in Paint Bank, Virginia

Not far down the road from town we came across a herd at the edge of a field and pulled over to get some pictures.

Where the Buffalo roam in Paint Bank, Virginia

It was a beautiful sunny day, one that was not hot and humid and we had beautiful blue skies.

Buffalo enjoying the shade of the tree lined edge of the field in Paint Bank, Virginia

We could not have asked for better weather.

Craig County Farmland

Everything was green and lush.

Where the Buffalo Roam in Paint Bank, Virginia

The only thing was, our Buffalo were all the way at the edge of the field under the trees.

Craig County Farmland

But we still had a lot to take pictures of.

Farm Gate in Craig County, Virginia

Tons of blue sky with fluffy white clouds.

Farmland in Craig County, Virginia

There was a creek at the edge of that field where those trees were, which probably was another reason the Buffalo were hanging out over there under them.

Buffalo in Craig County, Virginia

Every now and then we could even hear them snort.

Where the Buffalo Roam in Craig County, Virginia

There was not a lot of car traffic, so it was easy to hear them.


There were quite a few of them.


And the scenery was so amazing.  Usually in the summer heat in Virginia we have high humidity which creates hazy conditions.

Contrails above the mountains in Craig County Virginia on a clear May afternoon.

The sky was so blue the contrails really popped.

Dirt road in Craig County, Virginia

This road was inviting.

Craig County Dirt Road

Such wonderful scenery and inviting vistas.

Buffalo in Paint Bank, Virginia

We said our good byes to this herd and went down the road to see what else we could find.

Mom photographing Buffalo at Potts Creek Outfitters

We soon came upon another herd of Buffalo at Potts Creek Outfitters.  Here you can see Mom capturing shots of the herd.

Where the Buffalo Lie

These Buffalo were closer to the road, which allowed us to get closer shots.

Buffalo at Potts Creek Outfitters

With the exception of this one, they were all laying down, taking an afternoon siesta.

The Lookout

But this one seemed to be the Lookout.

Where the Buffalo Lie in Craig County

We really enjoyed being able to capture so many in photographs.

Potts Creek Outfitters Buffalo

Finally this one came over to the rest of the herd.

Bison in Craig County, Virginia

And the Lookout was still watching us.

Buffalo in Paint Bank, Virginia

It was fun capturing these majestic creatures in photographs.

Potts Creek

And here is Potts Creek.

Potts Creek

There were several people fishing on the creek while we were there.


We decided to head back to the “town” of Paint Bank after getting our Bison pictures.

Paint Bank General Store


There are only a few buildings in the “town” of Paint Bank.  One is the General Store.  We stopped here for water and shopped in their store.  They also sell buffalo meat, fresh from the surrounding farms.  And, they have a famous restaurant, The Swinging Bridge.  Lots of people come here for their food.  Bus loads arrive, so lots of times there is a wait.  Although we didn’t eat here on our trip, we hear the food is delicious.  And there is an actual swinging bridge in the restaurant.  You will have to visit to see that!

The Depot Lodge in Paint Bank Virginia

And there is a Bed & Breakfast, called the Depot Lodge, as seen above.  And from looking above, you can tell this is also a really popular spot for bike enthusiasts.  There were loads of them on the drive up and back, not just these few parked here across from the General Store.  Oh, and behind the General Store is Tingler’s Grist Mill.  I didn’t get any pictures, but it is another historic building in this small community that is open to the public on weekends with crafters and demonstrations.  They were busy when we were there but we had an evening commitment back in town, so we had to head back home.

Humphrey's Chapel United Methodist Church in Paint Bank, Virginia

But not before first getting a few shots of Humphrey’s Chapel United Methodist Church.

Humphreys Chapel United Methodist Church in Paint Bank, Virginia with the Swinging Bridge Restaurant Sign

I haven’t been able to find out a lot about the church, but on the Tingler’s Mill site, they mention that from 1897 to 1971 the Mill was known as Humphrey’s Mill, so I imagine that must have something to do with the name of the church.

Humphreys Chapel United Methodist Church in Paint Bank, Virginia with the Swinging Bridge Restaurant Sign

It’s an awfully cute little church.

Humphrey's Chapel United Methodist Church

The perfect little white country church.

Humprhey's Chapel Church in Paint Bank, Virginia

And after an enjoyable afternoon in Paint Bank visiting the Buffalo, we headed back to Roanoke.  It was a great little Country Drive.

Virginia Scenic Drive from Roanoke to Paint Bank on










Watering Can Planter Update

July 7, 2014 by tigermucha

Do you remember the Watering Can Planters that I made last year?  My friend Monica gave me these cool vintage watering cans that I turned into planters.

Watering Can Planters on

Well, let me show you this year’s updated version.

Watering Can Planters Update on

As you can see, there is more shade this year.  Last summer we had a new deck and pergola added to our kitchen entrance and the result was a ton of shade, which is welcome.

Updated Watering Can Planters on

Since we had more shade this year, I decided to add colorful caladiums to the planters.

Colorful Caladiums in vintage watering can planters on

The caladiums are perfect for the planters.  They do well in shade.

Pink and Green Caladiums in Watering Can Planters do well in shady garden spaces

I always have caladiums out front in my planters because of the shade our front yard receives, so I knew they would work well this year in our new shady patch by the kitchen door.

Pink and Green Caladiums in a shady spot of the garden fill a vintage watering can planter

Vintage Watering Can Planters filled with Colorful Caladiums on

Vintage Watering Can Planters Updated on

And, do you remember the Silverplate Urn Planter that I made last year?

Updated Silver Urn Planter on

Well, here is this year’s updated version.  I found a bunch of succulents this spring and thought this one would do well in here.

Succulents in a Silverplate Urn Planter on

This part of our new deck gets more sun.  The pergola has not filled in yet, which makes it a good spot for this succulent filled planter.

Hosta in old crock planter, perfect for a shady spot in the garden

Another plant we added to the shady part of our new space under the pergola was this Hosta that Keith saved from the deer.  They love to munch on the Hosta leaves.  Maybe by keeping this one beside the kitchen door they will leave it alone.  And it will do well in this old cracked crock.  Keith used some wire coat hangers to keep it together and it makes a great planter.

Hostas make great plants for shade containers

And this little Hosta came to us via the birds.  We never planted it here but it too now benefits from the shady spot the new pergola has created.  Who says shade has to be dull?

Watering Can Planters Update on



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