Tiptoe Through the Tulips – Part 4

April 16, 2015 by tigermucha

All this week I have been sharing some of our tulips with you and today I want to share one of my absolute favorites – the Angelique Peony Tulip!

Angelique Peony Tulip

These are called peony tulips because they have many more ruffled petals than normal tulips.  And they really can look like tiny little peonies blooming in your garden.

Angelique Peony Tulip

When they are still buds getting ready to open up, they sometimes appear white or even green.  But when they fully open, they turn lovely shades of pink.

Angelique Peony Tulip

Here you can see some of the green still on the bottom of the right tulip.  And on the one on the left, you can see the many ruffled petals that look like a miniature peony.

Angelique Peony Tulip

These are tiny tulips compared to the tall ones that I showed you first this week.


But they sure are lovely in a group together.


One of my absolute favorites when it comes to tulips. What tulips are your favorites?



Tiptoe Through the Tulips – Part 3

April 15, 2015 by tigermucha

I have been sharing my tulips with you this week, first I shared about our surprises, and then I shared about some of our purchased tulips.  Today I want to share another variety that we purchased many years ago that has become a favorite.

Pink and White Tulip

It’s a little pink and white tulip.  I say little because both the flower size and height are much smaller than the others I have shown you this week.

Pink and White Tulip

And again, this is one we planted many years ago and I cannot remember the name.

Pink and White Tulip

But it is a real pretty pink with a white base.

Pink and White Tulip

And it can go from hot pink to just pink, depending on the light.

Pink and White Tulip

Pink and White Tulip

It has a beautiful center, too.

Pink and WhiteTulip

Pink and White Tulip Center

It is very delicate looking compared to the big ones.

Pink and White Tulip

Isn’t it just lovely?


Tiptoe Through the Tulips – Part 2

April 14, 2015 by tigermucha

Yesterday I shared some of our Surprise Tulips with you.  Today I want to share some more tulips with you, mainly some of the different colored tulips we have tried over the years.

Pink Impression Tulip

These pink impression tulips were some of the first that we bought to plant.  And they still come back, year after year.

Pink Impresson Tulip

Right now they are loaded with pollen.  You can see all the yellow marks inside on the petals from where the petals came in contact with the pollen when the wind blew.

Pink Impression Tulip

They are a nice tulip for a tall arrangement.  They have long stems and last a while.

Megenta Tulip

Now this magenta colored tulip is one that I did not mark with the name and definitely cannot remember.  It is similar to the pink impression in that it is tall and lasts a while and is good in arrangements. It may be some kind of Darwin tulip.

Magenta Tulip

It sure is a pretty color.

Magenta Tulip Center

And it has a beautiful center.  Another kaleidoscope.

Hot PInk Tulip

And oh, these hot pink tulips.  They have variegated petals and are so showy.

Hot PInk Tulip Center

And again, I did not record what kind this was.

Hot Pink Tulip

Hot Pink Tulip

But isn’t it just stunning?

Tiptoe Through the Tulips – Part 1

April 13, 2015 by tigermucha

Tulips are one of my favorite spring bulbs. Over the years Keith & I have planted hundreds of them.  I only wish they all had survived our deer.  They seem to be a favorite of theirs, too! But we still have several that come up each year and this week I want to share a few with you.

Birght Yellow Tulip

The first tulips we planted were free giveaways from the city where Keith worked.  They planted new beds every spring and after the tulips had bloomed, they would dig them up and give them away.  I can remember trash bags full of bulbs to plant.  We still have some of those freebies, like this bright yellow tulip.

Yellow Tulip Center

The thing with those free giveaways was you never knew what you were getting until the following spring.

Red Tulip Center

Like this showy tulip.  The outside looks like an ordinary red tulip, but the inside of the petals show a variegated  pattern and it also reminds me of a kaleidoscope.

Yellow and red tulip center

Here is another one of those surprises from the inside.

Tulip Behind Bars

One year we got a whole big bunch of these orangey looking tulips.  They are spectacular when the sun is shining.

Orangey Tuli[p

The red and yellow make it look like orange from a distance, but when you get up close, it is a different story.

Orange Tulip

And they can change color depending on the lighting.

Orange Tulip

I am not usually a fan of orange, but for these I make an exception.

Wide Open Tulips

And I love how they look when they fully open.  They look exotic, almost like poppies.

Hidden Yellow Tulip

And every year we do find tulips coming up in places we never planted them, thanks to the squirrels and chipmunks.  This year we found this bright yellow tulip blooming in the Butterfly Bush Garden.

Hidden Yellow Tulip

Every spring I would see the leaves pop up, wondering if it would bloom and then forgetting about it until next spring.  Well, this year it bloomed and surprised us with a beautiful yellow flower.  Luckily, the deer did not find it so maybe we will be able to enjoy it again next spring!


Sunday Bliss – April 12th

April 12, 2015 by tigermucha

Welcome to Sunday Bliss on threelittlekittens.com/blog


Jack visits the garden this week

Jack decided to stop by for a visit yesterday in the garden!  Keith spotted him first and pointed him out to me.  Boy, he is big this year.

The Village of Spay

April 11, 2015 by tigermucha

After our morning excursion to Marksburg Castle in Braubach, Germnay  on our Viking River Cruise, we came back to our ship, the Viking Ingvi, and had another wonderful lunch on the Aquavit Terrace (I had Pumpkin Soup with Pumpkin Oil Garnish) and relaxed for a bit.  Then we headed up to the upper deck to spend the next four hours cruising the Rhine and taking in the scenery, which was to consist of castles, wineries and quaint little villages and towns, like the Village of Spay, the first little village we encountered after leaving Braubach.

The Village of Spay as seen from the upper deck of our ship

This is where we first started seeing a lot of the half-timber houses.


And swans.  We had seen them before in Amsterdam in the canals and in Kinderdijk as well.  These two were coming in for a landing parallel to our ship.


And we continued to see them frequently as we journeyed on in the days that followed.

Village of Spay on the Rhine in Germany

Oh, and see that number?  They have these km markers all along the Rhine so you know how far you are north of the Rhine Falls in Switzerland.  Which was also helpful in determining what some of the little towns were along the way.

The Village of Spay in Germany

Now, back to those half-timber houses.  It is a type of construction where the supporting framing timbers are on the outside and the space between them is filled with plaster or other building materials.  They can be very colorful and definitely are iconic to this region.

The Village of Spay on the Rhine River in Germany

And there were other old houses as well in the little Village of Spay.

Village of Spay, on the banks of the Rhine in Germany

Vacation homes and half-timber houses in the Village of Spay, Germany

And it also appeared there were some vacation homes nestled in among the old half-timbered houses.  There wasn’t much I could find on Spay, but it looks like it is a quaint little tourist town.  It is not too far from Marksburg Castle.

Marksburg Castle viewed while cruising down the Rhine

The castle was still very visible from here, so we were not too far away.

Marksburg Castle from the Rhine near Spay Germany

Remember how I told you there was a castle around every little bend on this part of the Rhine?  It was like they were placed so that when you could no longer see one, another would become visible in the distance.

The Village of Spay has a nice view of Marksburg Castle

Someone would always be watching the travelers on the Rhine, from one castle or the next.

Spay, Germany on the Rhine River

And there appeared to be pubs and restaurants lining the banks of the Rhine.

The Village of Spay Germany on the banks of the Rhine

And a little park with what looked like a ship’s mast all decorated with flags.

Flags flying in Spay, Germany

Quaint Village of Spay, Germany

I am sure it would be  a fun little place to stop and explore.

The Village of Spay, Germany

Village of Spay with view of Marksburg Castle

But it was time for us to head on down the Rhine.  And you can see, it was going to be a gorgeous afternoon! Good-bye little Village of Spay and Marksburg Castle!

This is not a sponsored post.  
This is my experience from my trip with Viking River Cruises. 

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Humor Me – Kids on Marriage

April 8, 2015 by tigermucha

Happy Hump Day!  Here is a little humor to tickle your funny bone.  I found it on Pinterest and I think it will bring a smile to your face today.

Humor Me Kids on Marriage

It’s pinned to my board From the Mouth of Babes.  Don’t you just love the answers?  I hope it made you smile today!

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You Took Those Pictures Where?

April 7, 2015 by tigermucha

I have shared pictures from one of our local nurseries before and I told you about how local nurseries can provide loads of inspiration.  But did you know that you can find some great photo ops at the larger garden centers, too?


Keith and I went this past weekend to one of the big ones looking for rope lights for the garden.  And of course, since spring is in full bloom, we walked through the garden center.  Luckily I had my phone with me and I decided to take a few shots of some of the pretties that they had out.  Like these beautiful Quince bushes.  Can you see why they are in the rose family?  Those blossoms look like some of the wild roses we have around here.  I thought they were stunning.


And since it was Easter weekend, they had lots of Hydrangeas ready to give as gifts.  I love the blue ones.


I loved this one with just tinges of blue, too.  And they had pink and white, but what I really loved were the blooming bulbs.


Isn’t this red and white Tulip stunning?


And there were lots of them.  And Daffodils, too!


If you didn’t know where I was, you might think I was at a tulip farm!  And if you couldn’t see the yellow pot in this shot, too!


Everything was colorful and smelled wonderful.


And these red and yellow Tulips are gorgeous.


Especially with the bright yellow Daffodils behind them.

Next time you go to one of the big box garden centers, take a few pictures and share them with your friends.  It doesn’t cost anything (unless you cannot restrain yourself from making a purchase or two) and you and your friends will have some great pictures to share!  And you don’t have to tell them where you took them. That will be our little secret.

Monday Morning Lovelies

April 6, 2015 by tigermucha

Happy Monday Morning to you!  I thought I would share a few lovelies with you to start your week out on a happy note!  These are a few of the pretties that are blooming in my garden right now.

Grape Hyacinths

Here is one of Keith’s favorites, Grape Hyacinths.

White Daffodil

And I shared this yesterday, but our White Daffodils are still in bloom.  They won’t last much longer, though.

Small Yellow Daffodils with bright orange centers

And here are some bright Yellow Daffodils with bright orange centers.   These are blooming right by our bedroom window and are very fragrant.

Peach Ruffles Daffodil

And this is my favorite, a Peach Ruffles Daffodil.  Not sure if that is what it is really called, but that is what I call it.

Virignia Bluebells

And the Virginia Bluebells are starting to bloom.  I love how they change color as they open.

Bleeding Hearts

And the Bleeding Hearts are starting to open up.  The pink ones are always first, then the white ones.

I hope you have a Lovely Monday!


Sunday Bliss – April 5th – Happy Easter!

April 5, 2015 by tigermucha

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Every Spring I look forward to all of my bulbs blooming.  I love this white daffodil that opened up this past week! Pure white and perfect for Easter Sunday!  Happy Easter!

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